Passionate, talented and versatile, Jarett Bellucci is a two-time Emmy Award-winning producer director/editor who creates award winning work across all manner of mediums, from music videos to commercials, branded content to television shows, all imprinted with his unique touch and boundless energy.

Jarett graduated from the School of Visual Arts with degree in advertising in 1999 (and yes, he partied like it was), and thanks to his in-depth production knowledge, limitless enthusiasm, tremendous imagination (and signature glasses!), he is now a well-known and well-regarded storyteller among studios, producers and – crucially – companies looking to define their brands. His mixed knowledge of advertising & production experience allows him to understand what needs to be said and how businesses need to say it!

He has developed a signature documentary-like style of capturing real stories about real people, which resonate with viewers and fellow film-makers alike, and his exuberant personality and attention to detail have helped him engender fierce loyalty from cast, crew and producers alike, allowing to make eye-catching commercials for some of the largest brands in the country, including Acuvue, Forbes, BMW, Kaplan, Mercedes,, Landshark Lager and Tropicana, winning a myriad of gongs and plaudits in the process.

Currently Jarett is in production on his first feature film SUGARLOAF.